The art of building wheels, meet the story


Everything starts in the assembly room, where our specialists choose components for wheelsets - rims, hubs, spokes, nipples. One of the most important tasks is to check the quality of components, to be sure, that everything will go smoothly during the wheel building process.

Skills of wheel builders and proper tools determine the premium quality of our wheels. Our wheel builders are highly qualified, with many years of experience and rich knowledge about their work. They are still looking for the newest equipment and develop new standards to make our handmade quality even more premium.

During the wheel building process, the main goal is to proper centering, which causes better endurance, reliability and eventually better ride performance. We customize a spoke tension with 5% of repeatability. It provides the proper tension which appeals to the whole rim area. We make the centering process very restrictive, gaining perfect parameters without any nanometer horizontal and vertical pulsing.

Restrictive centering process is half of success. Proper choice of high-quality components is the next factor which can guarantee a perfect wheel building process. We spend thousands of hours on creating and designing Evanlite rims, so we are fully expecting the best results. Evanlite rims are lightweight and at the same time very resistant (weight limit: 120kg). We make a huge effort to provide the best aerodynamic parameters and compatibility with UCI standards.


The most common choices of our clients are DT SWISS hubs and Sapim spokes. These components provide dependable technologies and the highest quality materials.

Well sealed DT SWISS hubs and leading models of Sapim spokes, butted D-Light and flat CX-Ray, are our proven front-runners in wheels configurations.

The most advanced wheel building process reward us with our clients' satisfaction. We gain confidence that everything we do works and Evanlite users can enjoy with improved and enhanced ride experience.

We want you to know everything about Evanlite wheels. The best thing you can do to respect our hard work is to take good care of your wheels. We want them to be proudly presented. For fault-free use, we advise making a control service after every few thousands of kilometers. To minimalize the exploitation of wheels, they should be maintained clean.

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